RECOGNIZE, ENGAGE, ACCEPT: A peer to peer support course for mental health and suicide awareness and prevention

Our course is designed to help you to RECOGNIZE, those around you who need support. To give you the confidence and tools to ENGAGE them to identify and name the concern. To help you ACCEPT your role, their mental health concerns and to EMPOWER them to seek the professional help they need.


Whether it be a charity, community interest group or individual who wants to help. We will provide the course, to you, to deliver as a peer to your peers, to help you grow a stronger supporting community. There is no fee, no subscription. This course was designed from the bottom up to be shared worldwide so that other people can present the course to help their communities!

Choose the course that fits your needs.

Full Course: Mental Health & Suicide Awareness, support & Prevention

Our full 4 hour course covers both mental health awareness and support and Suicide prevention and intervention. This is designed for both personal and work environments to help you learn how you can support not just your peers but your employees.

Half Course: Suicide Awareness, Support & Prevention

Our 2 hour course covers recongising those who may be suicidal. We will give the tools and confidense to ask the hard question and help you guide them to safety, life connections and support.

Half Course: Mental Health Awareness & Support (Coming soon)

Our 2 hour course covers recognising those who are suffering with various mental health issues giving you the tools and confidence to engage and support them and find others who can.

Delivered Anywhere in the UK!

Using zoom we will deliver our course to communities across the UK!

Modern day technology helps us connect to each other, let’s help us to grow a worldwide network of individuals, charities and community groups who want to break the stigma!

Increase your confidence and break the stigma! Together we can help our family and friends!

“Very well presented, easy to follow. So confident I understood the content.”

“It was great and achieved everything it set out to!”

“really well presented and relaxed which helps with such emotive subject matter.”

“I felt the course was really useful. There is a lot of information.”

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