People Helping People

If you need someone to talk to about anything. No pressure, non-professional peer support with someone who wants to be there is there to listen. Then send us a private message on facebook or email This can be about whatever it is that is on your mind, no matter how big or small.

Talk Shop

Is our local weekly drop peer to peer support. Every Saturday from 10am to 11am at the Braunton Hub Work Station. This doesn’t have to be about your mental health, we are here for those who may be lonley or isolated. Find us on  facebook page for more information.



Peer Talk & Peer Talk Youth 

Peer Talk, a online messenger/Zoom meeting where you chat person to person with someone who understands. You can talk to us about whatever it is that is on your mind. No matter how big or how.

small. Ask For Jake is always here for a chat. Send us a facebook  or email message and lets set up a Zoom chat!

Volunteer For Peer Talk & Peer Talk Youth (18+)

Help us talk to them. Ask For Jake is looking for young between the ages of 18-25 living in braunton and surrounding areas to join Peer Talk.  Be the person ready to have a chat, on a peer to peer non-professional level.


For more information email

Please before using Peer Talk read our DISCLAIMER.

Risk Assessment

Talk Shop / Peer Talk


Talk Shop / Peer Talk


Talk Shop / Peer Talk

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