RECOGNIZE, ENGAGE, ACCEPT: A peer to peer support course for mental health and suicide awareness and prevention

Our course is designed to help you to RECOGNIZE, those around you who need support. To give you the confidence and tools to ENGAGE them to identify and name the concern. To help you ACCEPT your role, their mental health concerns and to EMPOWER them to seek the professional help they need.


 whether it be a charity, community interest group or individual who wants to help. We will provide the course, to you, to deliver as a peer to your peers, to help you grow a stronger supporting community. Please email us for more information



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Knowledge is power and is at the heart of Ask For Jake. Helping people to gain access to education and training to understand mental health helps not only in their own situations, but also gives them skills to enable them to help others

This is why Ask For Jake is currently funding mental health training, we passionately believe in mental health education so you can help Ask for Jake and support communities in Braunton and surrounding areas. 


Is our recommended course for those seeking to get involved with Ask For Jake and to have the fundamental knowledge to recognize and approach those they feel may be struggling with suicide.

It’s a half-day 3-4 hour course for those 15 years and older. Please click here for more information on safeTALK.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

This course is a foundation for the safety net we are developing for Braunton and the surrounding areas. This is suicide first aid. This course will give you the tools to safely talk to those to keep them ‘safe for now’ so that we can get them to help.

This course is for those 16 years and older. It’s a full 2-day course and we highly recommend to do safeTALK before. This course is fully funded by Ask For Jake and is expected that those wishing to take ASIST through us will commit to Ask For Jake on a volunteer level.

Those who complete ASIST are recognized as Ask For Jake Ambassadors. They are able to participate in Talk Shops and are the first port of call in Ask For Jake  Safety Locations.

Please click here for more information on ASIST

Free Online Training Resources

ZSA Suicide Awareness Training

A in depth suicide awareness training session which takes approximately 20 minutes. It aims to give you the skills and confidence to help someone who may be considering suicide. It focuses on breaking stigma and encouraging open conversations.


For more information click here to access course click here.


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