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We need your help to raise funds to support the work of Ask for Jake. Do you have just a little spare time, maybe an hour each week or every month or may be you can help occasionally? Why not join our friendly supportive team, make new friends and help us raise funds to support the work of Ask for Jake in the local community. We would love to hear from you.

We are a fully registered charity #1188991 and you can also find us on JustGiving. (just giving must be linked to our page) We greatly appreciate and recognise all those who help us to support better mental health in the community.

For more information on how to support Ask for Jake please email: info@askforjake.org.uk.

Climbing the 3 peaks of Wales to break the stigma!

The team have conquered all 3 welsh peaks in a weekend. Such an amazing achievement, be proud of yourself guys.
Bernie McPhail, Marcus Ward, Michelle Ward Alex Ward Phoebe Ward Zac Mills Jonny Braund-Bond Christine Guard shelley kerslake, Jesse, katie kerslake, martin guard Tilley ward. They raised just shy of £3000!

Olisha Shaved Her Head

“As for many people, my hair is a massive part of my identity. Shaving it all off is a daunting idea but, when it comes to the idea of raising money for a local charity that is definitely close to many peoples hearts, I feel it is a great way to raise some money for them and raise awareness for mental health at the same time.

“So, on the 16th of April I will be shaving all my hair off! Any amount of money, great or small, you could spare would be amazing for this great charity however, in this current climate I am aware that people can be tight for money so, if you could just share this fundraiser so more people can see it that would also be so helpful!

Nick’s End-to-end Run

To raise funds for the charity Nick has decided to run the “End-to-end LEJOG 6”, an online, virtual running challenge covering the 874 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats, over a period of 12 months. Nick will still have to physically run the miles, so don’t think he is getting away lightly!

Lets see if we can’t raise a £1 for every mile I run! 


Visit Nick’s Just Giving page HERE

SQ: Jake’s Skewers Fundraiser

Jake was highly regarded among the SQ staff. As an apprentice Jake showed amazing promise and and career as a Chef. During his time Jake would have prepped thousands of chicken skewers. In honour of Jake SQ brought back the chicken skewers for a limited time. A percentage of all sales went towards Ask For Jake.


The Skewers raised £350 for Ask For Jake!

Liam’s Putt A Thon Raised over £3000

After 29.5 hours and 759 holes Liam successfully completed his fundraising for Ask For Jake! We could be more happy and honored to be chose by this bright young man to receive this amazing feet! Well done Liam!

For more on Liam’s event information or to donate click here.



Ask For Jake are looking for volunteers who are willing to help out in anyway including festivals, events and social gatherings. No training is required, just a little of your time. So if you have time and you want to help, drop us a line!

We would also be grateful to hear from anyone who has a particular skill to offer eg: graphic design, event planning blogging, cake baking, putting up tents, drying tents, etc. For more information on how to support Ask for Jake please email: info@askforjake.org.uk.

Join Peer Talk & Talk Shop (18+)

Attention Youths Ages 18-25. We are looking for volunteers to join Peer Talk: peer to peer, non-professional help for youths who need an honest chat! For more information please email signmeup@askforjake.org.uk

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